Thursday, 17 November 2011

ORCS pulls

ORCS came to Yew Tee today early in the afternoon, so following my tradition whenever a new set arrives, I whacked 3 packs and pull almost nothing good.

Then after some other people bought some packs, I got from then:
2x Inzectzor Hornet
2x Mainspring Rat
1x Ninjutsu Art of Super Transformation
1x Weight Over
1x Royal Prison
1x Ninja Grandmaster - HANZO

I carried on to whack 3 more packs to get one more Weight Over, and somemore crap, and ended the day with no foil pulls, as usual Dylan gets all the luck and pulled one on his second pack.

I knew that HANZO was a sought after card, but I didn't think that I would get a quote as high as $20 for it so I sold Jacky later that evening at that price. Dylan also finally gave up trying to sell his Rabbit online and gave in to Jacky's offer of OOPS CANNOT SAY.

Went on to whack another 3 booster (why always whack in 3s?) at Comics after Sebas and Roger left 1 Super in it, which could have been HANZO, Zenmighty or the Inzectzor bullcrap. Got a Royal Prison and ZENMIGHTY!!!

For those who do not know the combo here it goes:
1. Set-up: Mainspring Hunter in grave.
2. Normal summon Rat
3. SP Hunter
4. Overlay for Zenmighty
5. Detach Hunter to call Rat
6. Use Rat to call Hunter
7. Hunter eff tribute Zenmighty
8. Repeat steps 4-7

Alternatively you can be a bigger bastard:
1. Set-up: Hunter in grave, Inzectzor Hornet in hand or grave.
2. Summon Damsel, equip Hornet
3. Hornet blow and Damsel eff, SP Centibeet
4. Hornet blow again then Overlay for Zenmighty and be a bastard.

It could be childish thinking but personally I believe Zenmighty can end up being the next Dark Dive Bomber = March BANNED.

Other ways to abuse Zenmighty
1. Using Bitch on a Bus, A.K.A Tour Guide
2. Kulat SP Gale lol kidding
3. Double-Edged Kageki and Mizuho LOL HAHAHA
4. Summon Laquari and SP 2...... Wait for it.... TEST TIGERS!!!

I'd like to see you at Ah Soo this Saturday if you've got the balls to face the entire Yu-Gi-Oh community of Singapore that do not need Chain, Roach or Revise Holo. After all, I didn't make me hate you, if you catch my drift.

On a lighter note with no hidden messages, I got the 2 cards that I wanted in just the right quantities! Weight Over and Royal Prison I have 2 of each which is just right for my Side Deck. YIPEEE!!

Tmr Roger younger bro prize presentation, congrats to Louis for getting 2nd in class! For your present I let you call Zexuan kor kor Zexuan Whynopenis 1 time LOL.

Disclaimer: I am not a pedophile.